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Linda Welby: Press


After spending time with her and listening to her music, I can say Linda Welby is the genuine article. Everything about her is genuine. 
She's a singer, musician, recording artist, -- but so much more.  She's a mother, a wife, a beautiful woman (I've seen her up close) and a true joy to know.  I put her in the same class with Emmy Lou Harris and Joan Collins.  Her songs are lovely, emotional, melodic and they spring from real life experience. I feel her heartbeat in everyone.  She's the genuine article! --  Pat Boone

PAT BOONE (2009)


Irelands Eye  SHOWBIZ NEWS


Mary Mooney - IRELANDS EYE - SHOWBIZ NEWS (May, 2010)

Rafel Corbi

It's been a really hard way for your Cd to travel from Ireland to Catalonia in Northern Spain, but we finally got it. And I just can say many thanks for sharing this piece of Heaven with us. I love mny kinds of music, but if could do one, I will love to
be able to share with the world your words, your passion, your music...

This is the review we will done next week on our pages.... thanks...

Linda Welby is a singer, musician, songwriter and a piece of Heaven that God send to Ireland, and to the music world because He knew we need somebody with her special vision of what music needs, or better, what music should be. Stories from her album "A Story To Tell" that touch your soul, that you can feel down your skin, talking to you heart-to-heart, covering different musical genres, but being also in the original branch of irish country music. I love it, and sincerely think that there are very few albums better done that this Cd for Law Records. Visit her website at

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A Friend In A Million


Cashbox Review "A Story To Tell"

It Wasn't Meant For Me (The Texting Song)

Australian Sound Check Song Competition

Finals in Melbourne Australia


A Story to Tell

LAW Records LAWCD 0801
    An album of twelve original tracks by a relatively new name on the scene is an ambitious undertaking. Linda Welby is well up to the challenge she sets herself.
    From the opening track, The Galway Fiddler, she sets a scene and continues through the other eleven tracks, the vocal offerings in particular, to recount stories - as the album title alludes to. These are stories that are either well-acted or very personal and Welby presents them very well.
    The most enigmatic track on offer is A Lonely Lovely Man. This beautifully crafted and sung piece appears to give us a very sad story about a first love. I was almost tempted to break my first rule of reviewing and seek information outside that presented in the package.
    Linda is blessed with a wide versatility in styles. She can switch from very folk-oriented tales of the fiddler to tracks that fit very easily into the ‘Country and Irish’ mode. Her personal-sounding songs include two lovely family tributes, We Love you Mum and Dear Dad. Although these are written and sung with very obvious personal notes, I can see either of them being covered by other artistes and becoming mainstays of request shows.
   The singer/songwriter lists her influences as ranging from Sean Keane to Pat Boone and her output on this album certainly gives evidence of this. She is not corralled into a particular genre and as such will appeal to a very wide audience. In addition many of the songs have the strength to become hits for some established artistes.
   Linda certainly has more than one “story to tell” and she tells all of them with imagination and some wonderful musical backing including her own multi-instrumental offerings.
Nicky Rossiter

Northern Ireland Country Music Awards
Received Recognition Award
3 Nominations

SECOND ALBUM 1st New Single Released

Through You Ill Find My Way
in aid of Autism Ireland

Celtic Radio Comments:

Linda Welby has brought together a beautiful mix of songs and melodies that will surely enchant you with her wondereous and exceptional voice. She has been described as an Emmy Lou Harris or Joan Collins. Contained in the album are songs that draw on Linda's life experiences and also display her musical talent of the fiddle - such as "The Galway Fiddler" and "Port Cait Dan (Jig)" - Five golden radio stars for a beautiful album, beautiful songs and a beautiful person!


By Lori Lander Murphy

Linda Welby is raising eight children, manages holiday cottages, and runs bus tours in her native Connemara (she’s a licensed bus driver!). But don’t hate her because she’s beautiful and makes the Energizer Bunny look like a shirker.

In fact, if you listen to her much-acclaimed debut CD, “A Story to Tell” – yes, she’s a singer-songwriter too—you’re probably going to love her. Just read the lyrics to “The Galway Fiddler,” the first release off the CD, a spirited tribute to buskers.

"He said he had learnt from the birds in the sky
Their songs each morn he'd play till he die
He learnt to listen to the breeze
through the heather
And play to it's whistling
in all types of weather."

"I love to stop and listen to them entertain people and it's many times they have brightened my day," Linda told me recently. Though she admits she  "never expected for a split second that it would take off or that it would even get airplay," its infectious country sound has even inspired new dance steps In Ireland.

The CD is infused with personal meaning. Her songs are the consummation of a lifetime of writing poems that.....

Setdancing news

Full Page Feature October, November 2009, Jan, June 2010 Issue.


Linda Welby has now realeased her New Single which can be heard on any of the Radio Stations around the country. The song is called The Galway Fiddler. The Album "A Story To Tell" will be on sale from the 5th of September and will be in all good record stores. These are songs she composed herself which includes a hornpipe and jig which she also composed. Linda has recorded at Greenfields Studios in Headford, Co. Galway.

Galway Now Magazine Feature

Cover, plus full feature on Linda Welby.

Galway Voice Magazine

Musician, Company Director and Project Executive are all words which aptly describe Linda Welby, however on meeting this woman in person there is even more to learn about this sensation that is now attracting the attention of media broadcasters up and down the country. A native of Loughrea, and now living in Roscahill., Co. Galway Linda Welby has a very defined vision of where she is going and what is important to her in life. As a composer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and singer, Music has always been at the forefront for Linda. “ I love music and have a great interest in people with stories to tell of the older days of singing and music. I was brought up in a very musical house where local musicians would gather for song and dance sessions on a very regular basis. I love all the fleadhs and festivals and mixing with fellow musicians. I have been involved in bands since I was twelve years of age.” Linda’s grandfather Paddy Doorhy played with the first Ballinakill ceile band and was known throughout Ireland having won many musical awards. Linda’s Dad also played drums with accordion player Joe Burke for many years. Linda says, “Dad is totally my inspiration and hero”. Linda’s career is driven by her passion for adventurous meaningful compositions and in persuing this passion her musicianship and mastery of arrangement are broadly appreciated in the music industry. Linda has always kept her head and her heart despite her consistent rise and has no need for elaborate vocal embellishments to get her message across. Linda’s cool, clear, soulful voice has always worn its emotions in the open.Her goal is to continually offer something new and different. “I don't know whether you would call it ambition, but I certainly have a strong determination to suceed”. Linda’s other business interests include being an active board member and director of a well known private tourism company as well as having a CPC and full commercial bus licence. Also as a project manager of a Connemara Cottages Operation Linda is actively involved in many tourism related activities. Linda for many years has had the uncanny ability of being able to very successfully manage raising a family, co-ordinating several work projects as well as dedicating time to continued education. She has many qualifications including a Diploma in Adult Psychology as well as Musical Diplomas too numerous to mention. Linda’s pure interest in people is clearly evident in her very approachable and friendly manner. She volunteers on a regular basis in old folks homes and her music and songs bring joy to many people. “I sing because I love it and I do feel that any success that I have had has not changed me as a person. I like to keep things as normal as possible in my life because that is just the way I am. I am very lucky to be able to enjoy family life and to be also a part of a local community”. Who are your musical inspirations? “ My favourite singers, I have quite a few. I like all types of music including sean nos, traditional and continental music with Pat Boone and Glen Millar having a particular 1950’s influence on my style. My songs tell a story of real people in real times, stories that are true for a lot of people not just me, I believe that is why people of all ages connect with them” Many of the songs in this new collection are earnest ballads. “The song Mother is a dedication to my mum similar to Dear Dad some years back. Both are dedicated to my parents as I cannot express in words how proud I am of both of them as they did so much for us all”. “The Galway Fiddler is an interesting song as for me it represents the real talent that can be found on the side of the street that isn’t always showcased in the music industry”. “My Love for You: This song originally began as a poem I wrote when I was fourteen or fifteen”. “Ticking of the clock: Asks the question if you had the chance to turn back the clock, would you”? What does the future hold for Linda Welby? “I have a lot of goals in the music business. I have written a lot of songs, songs that are sentimental to me, some of which I have recorded and released on my new CD……..( name ) I am currently promoting my new CD which is a really exciting for me. I am very pleased with the outcome as the songs chosen for the CD are particular favourites of mine. Later in the year I will release a new album, songs recorded by one of my favourite artists. We have local as well as national events currently lined up so all in all this is going to be a very exciting year for me. This is my wish, this is what I always wanted to do, my absolute dream come true. What the future holds for me I do not know, It is a great surprise of this stage of my career to be branching out in new directions. A sincere thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me to live this dream and I hope our paths will cross along the way.” They say that when you are doing a job that you love you never work a day in you life. Well this certainly seems to be the case with Linda Welby.

GALWAY VOICE (May, 2008)